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Security and Privacy Posture
Anti-Stalking Initiative (and 10372986 Canada Inc, herein) actively supports the evolution of security and privacy technologies, laws standards, industry best practices and legislation to achieve Privacy goals. Anti-Stalking Initiative is a trusted partner committed to superior customer service and delivering value through exceptional employees, partners and suppliers. Our code of ethics and client confidentiality prohibits the disclosure of personal information, client information and relationships.

In general, whether we know you as an individual or as an employee/representative of a corporation does not materially change the manner in which we treat your information. You may choose to disclose personal information, such as your name, address, employer, job title or e-mail address, for purposes of correspondence, to obtain information, to process an order, to seek a subscription service, or to gain employment. In any event, your information is subject to the same high standards of confidentiality and privacy.

Anti-Stalking Initiative does not accept any advertising on any of its websites. Banner ads are strictly prohibited. Since the cost of maintaining those sites is borne solely by us, we have exclusive control and rights to the information generated by the site, therefore eliminating any basis by which an advertiser, vendor or any other third party can compromise our Privacy Policy.

Information generated on Anti-Stalking Initiative website(s) and attendant personal information may be employed internally for marketing purposes. Typical marketing activities include determination of the popularity of specific products, vendors, web pages, geographical correlation of business activity and trends, industry trends, etc. At no time, and under no circumstance, is personal information transmitted or distributed outside Anti-Stalking Initiative.

Children's Privacy
This Web site is not intended for people under the age of 18. Anti-Stalking Initiative does not knowingly solicit or collect information from children or minors (under 18).

Fulfilling Transactions
In fulfilling a transaction, whether it is a request for information, or the delivery of a product, we may share information with others as required by the context of the transaction. For instance, in shipping an order, the processes may, as a consequence, require information disclosure to financial institutions (merchant credit card services or credit check), manufacturer/vendor (user database, support and maintenance information), shipping companies (courier, postal service) or government authorities (customs authorities). In any event, this disclosure is implicit in, and is limited to that required, for the completion of that transaction.

Anti-Stalking Initiative may also elect to contact you as a participant in client satisfaction surveys, confirmation of details for financial or quality audit purposes, or for market research.

Cookies, Web Beacons and Information Collection
We do not employ cookies, nor web beacons. Anti-Stalking Initiative does not collect personal information to personalize web browsing.

External Web sites
Our web sites may reference external web sites in several manners. For example, our server may access and include external website information into an Anti-Stalking Initiative web page, or our page may contain a link to other web sites. Anti-Stalking Initiative Inc. is not responsible for the content or for the privacy practices of external Web sites.

E-mail Distribution Lists (SPAM policy)
Anti-Stalking Initiative has a strict anti-SPAM policy and does not maintain or employ any e-mail distribution lists for promotion, publicity, advertising or marketing.

Anti-Stalking Initiative is compliant with CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law, July 2014).

Anti-Stalking Initiative does maintain e-mail distribution lists where e-mail information is a service specifically purchased by a client and with the implicit permission of that client. An example of this is a list of those who have subscribed to receive updates and/or information.

Anti-Stalking Initiative actively supports the efforts of a legitimate anti-SPAM organizations, technologies, standards and policies. Internally, we employ a variety of anti-SPAM technologies. As such, be advised that an e-mail message sent to us by you may be rejected and never viewed if it originates from a known and listed "SPAM haven".

Human Resources
In the regular course of business, Anti-Stalking Initiative accepts employment inquiries and applicant resumes. The privacy and confidentiality of these communications and resumes are afforded the same protection as that enjoyed by personal information, client information and our internal employee information. This information will not be disclosed to any party outside of Anti-Stalking Initiative. This information may be kept for possible future reference for an appropriate period of time, unless we are instructed otherwise. Physical documents are destroyed by cross-cut shredding.

Any individual sending personal information and/or resumes is assumed to understand and accept the risks associated with their transmission of personal data in clear text over the public Internet. Anti-Stalking Initiative accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any possible interception, duplication, or redirection of your e-mail while on the public Internet.

Privacy Exceptions

Required By Law
Anti-Stalking Initiative is a brand that is owned by 10372986 Canada Inc, a corporation subject to law and regulation. Disclosure of personal information may be required, but only to the extent and for the purposes of such required disclosure, in response to a valid order of a court, governmental body, warrant or order, within the guidelines of privacy legislation in effect.

Abuse, Illegal Activity or Security Risk
Personal information accompanied by indecent or obscene language; threats to business, property, IT systems, Anti-Stalking Initiative personnel and/or third-party individuals, businesses, government or other entities; and any other inappropriate content constitute unacceptable use of the Internet and its resources. Any attempt to obtain information, resources, software or any other technology that will be used for illicit or immoral purposes or attempted use by entities or territories known to be hostile to Canada, the U.S.A. and their allies, or any attempt to transmit a computer virus, Trojan, backdoor or any other malicious code, or any attempt to establish Denial of Service, or targeting or facilitating Anti-Stalking Initiative as a SPAM recipient or relay will be considered hostile acts. Any such behavior or suspect activity will be investigated and at the exclusive discretion of Anti-Stalking Initiative, full disclosure of all attendant information and log entries will be made to the appropriate parties and/or authorities, including law enforcement.

It's important to note that if you give us personal information about somebody else, or a corporation or other entity, we will assume that you are authorized to do so.

Notification of Changes
This Privacy Policy web page was last updated on August 24,2017.

Privacy Questions
For any questions or clarifications concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact us using our Contacts page

Be advised that we may ask you to verify your identity and to provide other details to authenticate your request. We will expend best effort to a respond within an appropriate timeframe.

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