About Us


Our Vision

  • Improve the awareness and safety for all susceptible to stalking
    and harassment,

  • Change society’s perception of stalking, and

  • Enable legislative change that will assist authorities in
    investigation and increased conviction of stalkers.


Our Mission

  • Raise awareness and change harmful attitudes towards stalking and harassment

  • Increase the personal safety and awareness of stalking through focused and effective workshops.

  • Develop tools, devices and education programs that will protect those being stalked.

  • Advocate and lobby for changes in, provincial and federal laws to assist authorities in the investigation and increased conviction of success.


Who we are


We are a group of individuals with professional experience in Risk, Security and Privacy utilizing the knowledge and experience of advisors in law and justice and along with the experiences of victims of stalking related harassment to create the Anti-Stalking Initiative.

The Anti-Stalking Initiative provides awareness workshops, education and information for early and effective identification of stalking, assessing the level of risk, personal safety training and technology initiatives to improve the safety of any potential victims.

Due to our own and others’ experiences, our aim is to raise awareness and change attitudes towards stalking and harassment. We do this by providing focused workshops and specialist support to individuals and groups, as well as working to enact legislature and changes to laws that recognize the effect of technology tracking / monitoring devices, and applications as harassment tools to assist authorities in investigation and conviction.

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